Physical-Digital Integrations and Interactions

Recent technology is evolving and developing at such a fast pace that it is altering the way we interacted with various physical and non-physical objects. Mobile devices are now an integral part of our everyday lives. These days we hardly find any person not using a smartphone. Using smart devices help us to view and use infinite information in this world at any time. There is flourishing site to store buying system helping so many online customers all over the world to shop products from a retail shop. The next level is more integration amid physical and online realities. A lot of brands similar to Amazon will be housing added physical products similar to Dash Buttons. Physical brand like Walmart will be having a number of digital features like product trials and store maps.

A lot of businesses that are not able to keep up with these innovations and changes have to experience a major decline. With altering scene of different industry segments, the manufacturers are component designers are really trying to word hard to keep pace wit the changes. Intel has also announced its role in balancing online stores and retail shops by introducing internet of things (IoT) into retail shops. Presently online stores can view the information buyers look at, what they are interested and what not. In the coming five years, Intel plans to invest millions in the retail field to sync those with physical shops.

The digi-physical mixing has been brought to the market by the global leaders. There have been various predictions and debates that digital technology will conquer physical retail. Instead both are moving together but very independently. Here are the five best ways to practice physical-digital integration:

Digital Device
  1. Create a plan including digital-physical mash-up – This fusion can offer you a competitive edge. Retails need to put subsequent effort to find out the way of combining these two technologies. Investment in physical retail must go on to arouse content among customers and gradually create a digital presence through mobile and ecommerce. This would result in:
  • Less markdowns
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Accurate delivery process
  • Better store –traffic and sales
  • Better collaboration


  • More and stronger links in buyer experience – The victorious retailers make stronger links to the chain of customer experience. Here digital technology plays a big role and retailers must utilize technology as much as possible and in new ways for better customer experience. For instance, NIKEid is a bespoke program that lets buyers tailor their shoes online


  • Change the way you look at innovation – With sophistication and advancement of technology, retailers must find ways of innovation. Digital innovation might be seen in the products but definitely in various other processes like customer experience chain or marketing. Disney has mixed the digital with physical to create stunning experiences. Disney also launched the MyMagic+ that offers guests with an electronic wristband that work like ticket, credit card and room key. This customized service is attracting too many customers


  • Organizational division is a temporary step – Buyers interact using multiple channel during the buying process, be it online or physical shopping. Buyers are not able to differentiate between the two while purchasing. Retailers must create the uninterrupted experience for their customers. This is where digital-physical plays a major role


  • A digital-savvy team is important – The entire team must be tech and digital-savvy including the CEO. Only then you can flawlessly bring the digital and physical together successfully

Finally, retailers who focus on this integration might turn into admired organizations offering the best customer experience and having winning capabilities.