Social media campaigns, great for startups

We are living in an era of social media, a truth in which channels like Instagram can actually have a noteworthy impact on businesses. A well structured social media strategy can be the cornerstone of successful startup ventures. There is no escaping the relevance of social media in the recent times, it can make or break. Companies have known about the possibilities of social media and are using various platforms to their advantage. Social media is not just a selective channel for budding ventures or small businesses; it’s an effective way of reaching your target audience and promoting your brand. Looking at the cost factor, it’s not expensive like other traditional marketing avenues. Social media campaigns for startups have in-depth focus, sheer target and accurate measurability.

EverCharge’s, Director of Marketing, Joseph Nagle quotes “Social media has changed the way that we interact with other companies, how we source new leads, and how we have built out many of our partnerships. Initially, using social media to bring in new business was not thought of as a true lead source within the company and I faced some hurdles getting it off the ground; however, because social media requires very little in terms of funds to get running I was able to prove that social could be a huge sales tool for the company.”

Social media campaigns, great for startups, but you must know how. Take a look:

      Motivating audience with your new brand – You get different platforms to introduce your company/brand and they will be many who would be interested in your product. Social media for startups give a unique experience, there is a lot of engagement, and your product is viewed, shared and liked by many from different parts of the globe. When you present your brand for the first time on social platform, create a unique story related to the product/service, this will create an excitement among audiences and the end result to brand popularity. Startups that have a calculated budget can get status uplift real quick.

      Focus on the target audience requirements – Marketing tools help understand better the needs of the target audience and how they react to a specific brand. Its not about forced advertising but social media builds a relationship which in turn helps to understand audiences better. It’s about keeping them informed, answering to their queries and interacting with them. Make your audience feel a part of the brand/company via social media interactions.

      Excelling the competition, learn the approach – Social media tools offers a summary of how successful your strategy is. Do analyze statistics and content real time and make sure the content is optimized. Track the lead generation and sales; generate new leads depending on the results. You can also stay informed about your competitor’s activities and how they are being successful. You have the scope to learn and improve.

      It’s easy to find new customers – Startups do need to find customers quickly. You can easily spread your message across the globe via different social media channels. While promoting and marketing your venture you will be a part of so many Facebook groups, Twitter chats and would share so many images on Instagram. Keep on using those lovely hashtags and you would reach to a huge number of audiences.

    Learn from Hootsuite startups can make the most of social media

      Some mistakes startups commit with social media
      The beginning is mostly of struggle when it comes to forming a company mainly when it comes to building a social media presence. Majority startups intend to invest on social media campaigns. Not having a proper strategy is a grave and the most common mistake. Make it right to build a positive online reputation; have a pro social media marketing plan.

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      How to decide the focus of applying social efforts?
      Its important to set the goals and the results they wish to achieve in terms of brand awareness and social media. Each and every action of the new company must be a part of the parent social media marketing policy. Basically, an all-inclusive social media plan pays off. The results if measured, helps to determine the area of focus. Track all the social media actions to ensure every bit of investment is worth it.

      Not only about Likes and follows
      In production, metrics means data and objectives. In social media, metrics vary and relies on social policy. The data on social media is not only about likes and followers but the information that is gathered from web spaces and curated by users.

      More efficiency and evaluation
      To build a long-lasting relationship with the clients and customers, customers must worth with an efficient strategy and must understand that every social network has its own target audience. It’s also important to think out of the box because startups are born to innovate and solve problems. Maintain a steady presence and do an evaluation regularly, many startups can be elated seeing the rapid growth and popularity.

To conclude
CEO of CMK marketing, Liza Viana said, “As the CEO of our startup marketing agency, we see the benefits of utilizing social media each and every day including: 1) scouting potential leads; 2) drawing in those potential leads; 3) advertising quickly and easily; 4) monitoring what resonates with our target demographic; 5) keeping a pulse on what’s going on within the community (extremely important as not only a startup, but local business, as well); 6) establishing our brand voice through more than just our website and blog; and 7) providing us the opportunity to network and engage with other local business, current clientele, etc. Social media was, and is, a quick, easy and inexpensive way to spread the word about my business and our clients’ businesses”.

If you are a startup and struggling to find a place in the online terrain, hire a team for developing engaging content, a striking story and get spread it across by an expert. You will gradually start attracting target audiences. Intelligent communication is the key, but this era is all about advertising and selling on social media. All the best for your social media journey!