Trends of Retail Tech – Helping Retailers Earn More

Boosting in retail technology is not a five-finger exercise. There is no hindrance to buzzwords. Rather technological experts are paving the way for solutions for the […]

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Content and Influencer Marketing – Let everyone know about your business

In the last few years, content marketing and influencer marketing has been gaining popularity. In the last three years, when it comes to Google search for […]

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New Ecommerce Startups Helping People During Pandemic

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world to prepare for the worst. And the worst times hit when the lockdown happened. It is a […]

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Social Media Helping Spread Vital News Quickly During Pandemic

The social media platform has served as a boon in today’s world. It has channelized to be a huge platform for sharing information globally. Acquiring easier […]

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Is e-learning paving the way for the vulnerable education system?

Almost 1.6 billion children from 195 countries worldwide are not going to school. Blame the covid-19 pandemic for such a crisis. The virus is contagious and […]

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Pharma firms investing millions of dollars in digital marketing

The pharmaceutical market today is a big business. After the pandemic has struck the entire world, the pharmaceutical business has galloped and business is growing at […]

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The BIG 5 Marketing Trends of 2021 You Can’t Ignore

Keeping the Covid-19 chaos behind us, it’s time to plan for the year 2021. The pandemic has hit businesses hard, but the eCommerce sales have gone […]

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Post-COVID strategy to get your brick and mortar business back to normal

Covid-19 was an unprecedented event that rattled 2020 and its aftershocks can still be felt on the retail businesses all over the globe. With nations going […]

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Project Management

Connecting Business Strategy with Project Management

The only way to be successful with strategy is if the entire company is aware of it and making sure that all actions taken further the business along towards that strategic goal and the team members must understand their responsibilities.

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zomato logo

Zomato data breach – How safe is our data?

Organizations are supposed to access the information risks and perform an auditing of their information systems security protection and strategies rigorously. Companies must be proactive, take a lead in setting this up.

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social media campaigning

Social media campaigns, great for startups

Its important to set the goals and the results a startup company wish to achieve in terms of brand awareness and social media. Each and every action of the new company must be a part of the parent social media marketing policy.

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Smart technology has the real potential to change the countenance of agriculture into an improved vision in the time of lacking cultivable land and climate change.

E-technology changing the face of Agriculture

E technology and Smart Technology has done real good and it will gradually change the scenario and countenance of farming in the agricultural segment and promote rural development which will give a better life to the city dwellers.

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Data Security

Data security – Major Concern in Outsourcing

According to the research nearly half the respondents are doubtful of the security offered by the outsourcing service providers. About 30% feel security claims cannot be verified and approx 20% feel there is no credibility.

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Data and Analytics

Monetizing Businesses through Data Analytics

Every time you pass a particular place, you again provide valuable data to the people waiting behind the screens to capture the same and in turn whatever you do, you ultimately provide a huge amount of valuable data!

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Marketing technology recasting CMO role

With the advancement of technology, artificial intelligence is an effective ingredient in media planning process. CMOs can now easily connect the points between promotion, sales and profits.

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Communicating effectively through content marketing

Half of the marketers consider that customized content gives higher engagement and brand reputation and creates more engagement with buyers and renders brand awareness.

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Subscription – New Business Model in Ecommerce

Subscriptions stand for both effectiveness and efficiency for eCommerce businesses. One-off buying generally needs merchants to use up time and money to cheering buyers.

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