Online Food Ordering System and its Related Services during the COVID-19 Pandemic

From the early beginnings of the COVID-19 crisis, lockdowns of entire cities or containment zones have become an everyday phenomenon for the world population. Due to […]

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Is e-learning paving the way for the vulnerable education system?

Almost 1.6 billion children from 195 countries worldwide are not going to school. Blame the covid-19 pandemic for such a crisis. The virus is contagious and […]

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Artificial Intelligence – Debunking the Myths

You must have read so much stuff about Artificial Intelligence (AI) that you feel this is again another write-up proclaiming the same stuff. No, it’s not! […]

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Project Management

Connecting Business Strategy with Project Management

The only way to be successful with strategy is if the entire company is aware of it and making sure that all actions taken further the business along towards that strategic goal and the team members must understand their responsibilities.

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Smart technology has the real potential to change the countenance of agriculture into an improved vision in the time of lacking cultivable land and climate change.

E-technology changing the face of Agriculture

E technology and Smart Technology has done real good and it will gradually change the scenario and countenance of farming in the agricultural segment and promote rural development which will give a better life to the city dwellers.

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Data Security

Data security – Major Concern in Outsourcing

According to the research nearly half the respondents are doubtful of the security offered by the outsourcing service providers. About 30% feel security claims cannot be verified and approx 20% feel there is no credibility.

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Physical-Digital Integrations and Interactions

Recent technology is evolving and developing at such a fast pace that it is altering the way we interacted with various physical and non-physical objects while mobile devices are now an integral part of our lives.

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