Guerilla Marketing – New Ways of Marketing Brands Pop

Guerilla marketing is not just about going into war. It is about you getting into some element of surprise. But then you need to know or rather delve into information about the marketing ideas that will enhance you as a brand. Before delving into the marketing ideas, let’s get to know about Guerilla Marketing.

What is Guerrilla Marketing?

Manly Guerrilla Marketing impacts consumers in their daily routine by offering them unconventional methodology for brand interaction. The ideology is about generating conversation or something impactful for the management reputation of the brand.

Guerrilla marketing has prospered over the years. They have implemented a highly creative attention-grabbing strategy. It is mainly a segment of marketing activities that helps in curating the launch of a marketing campaign to a minimal costing.

Regardless of the low budget, the impact is worth it. In simpler words, guerilla marketing acts like a magnifying glass that enhances a marketing campaign. And there will be no loss of time. It is about how one is about to garner the target audience. The more unique and unconventional it is, the bigger the outcome will be.

Best Types of Guerilla Marketing Ideas –

Street Marketing

This form of marketing has very recently gotten into outdoor guerilla marketing. It is about taking marketing strategy outdoors and bringing street elements into play. There are different marketing campaigns under this segment.
Let’s take for example McDonald’s. The brand used upstreet guerilla marketing to garner the attention of the target audience and conversion of sales. The “chips crossing” is like the most memorable street art campaigns for the brand.

Ambient Marketing

Under this segment, guerrilla marketing helps in the promotion of a product by interfering with the flow of things. It is a common segment where brands will be adding advertisements around unconventional places. And this will help in the enhancement of brand awareness.
For example, BIC employs unique guerrilla marketing tactics to gain the attention of the passerby and improve brand visibility. Like they are making up with the line, “Our razors are sharp enough to mow your lawn!” And that could change the concept of thinking or development of the marketing idea.

Ambush Marketing

Event ambush marketing is another marketing idea where marketers are taking up full benediction of conducting an event. The format of the marketing idea helps in the promotion of the product or service.

The best example of the same is Rona. The renovation company did grab eyeballs for curating the best marketing campaigns for sustainability projects at a lower cost. And that is where guerrilla marketing ideas came to the rescue. It saved the company from big-budget promotional campaigns.

Guerrilla Projections

This includes involvement in the installation of hidden projects onto high-rise buildings at high-traffic streets. Again, it is for the retailing stores for the generation of foot traffic and maintains brand reputation. E-stores business relies on guerrilla projects for fetching more visibility and traffic.
For example – Vueling used the simple method of guerrilla advertising campaigns for acquiring the attention of the passers-by.

Experiential Marketing

This is like a form of participating or live marketing. Experiential marketing heads for the curation of outstanding and stunning experiences to invite the user to directly communicate with the brand. Here you will be able to create fun and innovative guerrilla marketing campaigns for enhanced efficiency.

For example, Volkswagen, a renowned automobile company gives away to the interactive piano campaign. And it was a great hit.

There are many other forms and segments of guerilla marketing strategies. But before implementing the segments or practices, you need to have thorough homework for the same. First, go through your competitor’s work history. This includes ads, their ideological claims and their form of guerilla marketing ideas. Once you have commenced on to the same, chalk out the plan on your brand values and also where do you envision your brand in near future.

Start with your brand resolution now.