New Ecommerce Startups Helping People During Pandemic

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world to prepare for the worst. And the worst times hit when the lockdown happened. It is a time of despair, especially in India. The impact has been huge on all businesses including startups.

Most of the retail shops are to shut down. Investors are also on the edge, daily wage workers are laid off and the market is declining. Where could you be hopeful?

There is a silver lining even in the darkest hour. E-commerce businesses and startups are launching new experiences of online purchase and pick up in-store. It is time to press the reset button. Startups during the pandemic can understand the “new normal” to showcase the best apart from the rest. The idea has been more drawn towards gaining more target audience and long term sales relationship.

How are startups helping people?

Healthcare Sectors

Care for patients and public safety is a crucial factor in the current day scenario. We already know the rate of positive cases and death rates. And it is ever-increasing since April 2021 in India. There are reliable and innovative healthcare companies that have undergone a transition process to develop virtual healthcare solutions.

They are offering AI, 3D printing, biomedical engineering, robotics and so much more. There are startup companies that have come forward to understand the accurate geographical spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Some local startups have set forth to getting online consultation with the doctor and set online prescriptions without having to go out until necessary.

People are working hand in hand to come out in support. The e-commerce startups are mainly in the form of small local businesses spreading their awareness nearby and gaining popularity in a short period.

Let’s just know there are nearly 4800 startups in the HealthTech industry in India. Startups like Bione from Bangalore give in to genetic testing with the use of predictive analysis tools. This is to check for every person’s immunity and ability to fight the virus.

In the coming days, there will be more development in the sector. Doctors and professionals are getting a better source to connect with the patients during this tough time. Whether it is through video call or offering scalable solutions for patient care, it is for boosting the infrastructure slowly to fight the lethal virus.

Newer Pathway to Mobility

Global and urban transportation system is not going to be the same anymore. The sheer crisis during the pandemic has changed everything. Projects like CORE MaaS (Covid-19 REsilient Mobility) is an open source mobility marketplace. The motive was for the development of SDK-based middleware platform. It will help in integration of mobility service providers, public transport, taxi and likewise in and around the cities and regions.


Coronavirus pandemic has also resulted in many other innovative solutions. Right from pharmacy, grocery, food delivery to everyone; contactless delivery is the new venture to ensure safety of consumers and delivery professionals.

The Coronavirus scare has accelerated the adoption of online learning to enable both students and teachers to embrace an enriched digital experience. Almost overnight, schools and universities across the globe have reoriented traditional teaching methodology to adapt to a dynamic digital classroom.

E-commerce and changing customer behaviour

We all know the growing threat of coronavirus has led to home quarantine and social distancing. And e-commerce businesses have served to be a blessing in disguise. They have boosted up the customer engagement via online platforms in different ways. Whether it is online shopping or any other digital options, one is able to get through the source and binge in at home.
As people are more into work from home, the consumer behaviour is somewhat affected due to the current economic and social scenario. Even now bigger brands are getting shortage of product supplies. The local e-commerce startups are hunting for new ideas for a blooming success in these tough times too.

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