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Trends of Retail Tech – Helping Retailers Earn More

Boosting in retail technology is not a five-finger exercise. There is no hindrance to buzzwords. Rather technological experts are paving the way for solutions for the […]

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New Ecommerce Startups Helping People During Pandemic

In March 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world to prepare for the worst. And the worst times hit when the lockdown happened. It is a […]

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Social Media Helping Spread Vital News Quickly During Pandemic

The social media platform has served as a boon in today’s world. It has channelized to be a huge platform for sharing information globally. Acquiring easier […]

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Pharma firms investing millions of dollars in digital marketing

The pharmaceutical market today is a big business. After the pandemic has struck the entire world, the pharmaceutical business has galloped and business is growing at […]

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social media campaigning

Social media campaigns, great for startups

Its important to set the goals and the results a startup company wish to achieve in terms of brand awareness and social media. Each and every action of the new company must be a part of the parent social media marketing policy.

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New weapon of PR – Social media community

Social media has a huge impact on brands as they implement plans to keep their audiences engaged and win loyalty. PR is also seeking avenues to win customers who remain active on social media.

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