7 reasons to avoid AI-generated content!

As per a recent study made by McKinsey, more than half of major US companies utilize AI (artificial intelligence) in their business, and digital marketing is not an exception. However, there is a big discussion about whether AI content writing tools should be used in digital marketing or not.

Can AI replace your team of copywriters? Can AI content generator tools ruin your business or help it expand? A lot of this depends on the content that needs to be generated by using these AI content generator tools. While the AI tools can help streamline a few writing chores, if you are not alert, then it can damage the brand reputation.

So, what is AI-Generated Content?

Content writing with AI utilizes Natural Language Generation (NLG) and Machine Learning to create content that doesn’t engage humans. The AI content generator tools rely on systems like the GPT-3 language model for creating content that looks more natural.

Here are a few AI content writing tools that are used widely:

  • ChatGPT
  • Jasper AI 
  • Copy AI
  • Frase IO 
  • WriteSonic

These tools are designed for writing content with the use of AIand by using headings, keywords, and with some additional context notes, you can create anything ranging from meta descriptions to blog posts.

However, AI content tools create more problems than solve them. Get to know the reasons why to avoid using AI-Generated content.

AI content violates Google’s policies

Google’s stance was very clear right from the beginning. As per John Muller of Google, AI-generated content is similar to shuffling words or checking out synonyms, which is against webmaster guidelines. As a result, Google search advocates are fiercely opposed to AI content writers. However, it’s still not clear if the algorithms can detect the difference between AI-generated content and human content. Despite everything, Google says it can punish those using AI-generated content whenever it’s detected. 

As per a recent research and study conducted by Penn State College of Information Science and Technology, many experts and researchers were able to detect AI-generated content. This was done after comparing human-written content with AI content, and it was found that auto-generated content has a signature style that varies greatly from human-written content.

AI-generated content is harder to rank

Google’s Helpful Content Update ensures that users find more helpful and original content in the search results that are ‘written by people’. Google does not like AI-generated content as they know that users prefer solutions designed by professionals, not machines. Google being a business, want its product – search engines to benefit users and be profitable. Because of this, the content generated by professional writers holds more value than AI-generated content.

Google continues to find ways to identify AI content and remove such material from the search results. Unfortunately, this means that ranking AI-generated content is a tough job.

AI-generated content is low-quality

AI tools pull content that has already been posted online, and many blogs and articles are poorly written. This means an AI tool can pull out low-quality content, resulting in subpar content. The GPT-3 follows a linear process and will not rewrite the content in the way a human would. As a result, the finished AI-generated content will lack coherence and contain gibberish material. Moreover, AI-generated long-form content is more prone to errors, and even factual information can come out as incorrect.

That’s why we hire human professionals rather than use AI for writing content. A human writer can offer a fluid piece of cohesively written content in the right tone and voice. You won’t be able to get these things when writing with AI content-generating tools.

Incorrect and contradictory information – Requires revisions

AI content writing tools often provide inaccurate and contradictory data and information. Machines derive information from unreliable sources and are unable to identify credible sources of information, resulting in providing you with content with inaccurate data. AI tools cannot identify and interpret research like humans, so revisions are mandatory.

AI content has many meaningless sentences with incorrect data, and even the formatting is off. The content has no uniqueness and no angle that can drive traffic. You need to get a human writer to rework AI-generated content, which requires more time and effort than anticipated.

AI content lacks authority

The AI content generator tools can never replace subject matter experts. These tools pull out texts from other blogging websites, and a processor runs in the background to generate content. If you are looking to drive revenue from AI content, then this automated content-generated tool will never be able to showcase industry expertise. Instead, it separates you from competitors as your content is now dull, boring, and lacks personalized information about your brand. The content has no authorship and fails to fetch quality traffic for your business.

If you still use AI content, it can affect your brand value and damage your reputation as an industry leader.

AI content damages brand reputation

People trust businesses, and if you use AI content, customers are more likely to lose trust in your brand, which can affect your reputation. AI content comes with numerous errors, and it can backfire badly.

  • Content that does not rank
  • If Google’s web spam team finds AI content, then they have the authority to take action
  • Ruined credibility and damaged reputation
  • Lost customers and prospects
  • Possible legal action
  • Forgettable content

As a business, you need content that connects with the readers and builds a relationship with the target audience. Unfortunately, AI content written by robots is bland and boring, failing to capture interest and drive traffic. All the details and information are a waste if the content cannot get the people excited about the brand.

Final Words

AI tools are good for short-form content, like writing meta descriptions and product descriptions. However, human-written content with pure insights, statistics, data, and opinions is always precious. A human writer will keep your readers in mind to write content that drives traffic and enhances your brand reputation. At Prasarnet, our team of experts can help you with SEO, content creation, web designing, and more! Book your free consultation today.