Communicating effectively through content marketing

First of all it is important to know what content marketing is. It’s all about creating and distributing attractive content to engage online audiences. This marketing tactic is used to impel client acquisition, creates more engagement with buyers and renders brand awareness. Content marketing as a trend has significantly grown to a great extent over the past few years. Audiences are now very much attracted to interesting content which not only contain write-ups but also videos. Now all online businesses are allocating a share of their budget for content marketing. It’s all about communicating with clients so that there is value added without any sales pitch. The content is relevant to a service/product offering complete information. Some common types of contents are blog posts, article writing, white papers, reports, eBooks, Case Studies, Podcasts, Email, Newsletter, Infographics, Videos, Manuals, Social Copies and Thought leadership.

According to Digital Experience Survey by Prasarnet, half of the marketers consider that customized content gives higher engagement and brand reputation. The first 37 seconds is the most important time when readers are viewing content on smart devices. A successful content marketing strategy plays a major role in producing relevant content and making sure it reaches people.

Prasarnet creates authoritative content through influential content strategy. The company creates content for various blogs targeted at different niche markets promoting all the technological schemes on a global basis. Prasarnet, a global brand works in various industries and the content mirrors the wide areas and knows its target audience; it takes advantage of the content produced.

Now effective communication is what companies aim to achieve and there are a few simple guidelines to achieve. Here are they:

  • Delivering the message in the right tone is crucial; it must be valuable to the audiences. Have a content strategy for it by asking a few questions like: What is your target audience? What is your goal in content marketing? Up-selling or buyer retention? Are you simply creating brand awareness?
  • Authenticity – Instead of writing all about sales, the copy must be authentic. Customers do not wish to be a part veiled advertising but they look for authenticity. If the copy is not informative, customers will get annoyed and it will have a negative impact on your brand. Impressive content is customized and is true to the brand. Before anything there must be a positive relationship with the reader
  • Effectiveness – Here social currency is a big thing which is all about how much people share content that is relevant to the brand. Emotional connection is important which means how fast and easily can people act upon the content without spending much efforts or money. Then there is practical value because people are looking for benefits. Telling unique story is also a key factor in rendering effectiveness
  • Variety and frequency – There must be a good supply of fresh content; you can also mix different content types to avoid monotony combine images, tag lines and videos. More the diversity, more the clicks
  • Relevance – To increase customer interaction there must be effective use of social media. Choose social media channel based on the type of customers you have. There should be content circulation through social media, only them customers can get the flavor of engagement, they can like, comment and participate in discussions
  • Transparency – Positive content is always great but negative reviews are sometimes inevitable. Do not do disservice by trying to hide that negativity. It’s best to remain transparent, try to be real. Finally with loyalty you can gain positive sentiments. Transparency also covers plagiarism and copyright issues where brands should be aware about the content sources

content strategy for organizations

Interaction or communication can be achieved through content marketing, BBC proved it. You can grab the attention of the audiences by asking them to take part in campaign. More than 79% of the customers focused on communicating and making good relationships with organizations and brands that deliver powerful and interactive content. BBC through their interactive infographic named ‘Your life on earth’ proved this. This has been customized according to customer response, by entering the date of birth and height customers could view interesting facts and figures related to changing of the world over the years. The infographic is full of facts, insights and stats.

It’s in the news that last month Isentia, Australia’s major and most reputed media monitoring organization expanded into content marketing by purchasing King Content for a value of $48 million. This shows how effective content marketing for effective communication across digital media. According to Isentia, this acquirement spreads the trade into a rapidly growing branch of marketing and communications. Now Isentia plans to sell content to more than 3000 commercial and government client base. Isentia CEO John Croll said: “For quite some time now, Isentia has been looking at how we can work across owned, earned and paid media. Our clients are already getting a lot of information from us in this space, but they are also asking us to help with their strategy.”

Final words
Booming content marketing is all about luring people to your brand via content, the goal is to turn them into potential buyers over the time. You can create as much content you can but it’s a flop if audiences are not connecting. Therefore proper communication is the key.